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Hey there. I'm Marion, and this is a side blog that keeps track of my gaming adventures and all the shenanigans that occur.

Currently I play Guild Wars 2 whenever I find the spare time. I don't do much except suck at jumping and portalling, afk in random places, and look at armour + weapon skins. You can also find me representing [NeX] and mainly playing on Rhosyn Skydusk.

Where to find me:

Aion (Inactive)
Siel server, on both races.

Guild Wars 2
Tarnished Coast
[NeX] <-- [LAPD] [HWLR]
Sasha Fierce of [AFK]

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So I decided to draw Mimee’s engineer charr decked out in pink since she drew my sylvari……. Hope she enjoys it~ ^o^

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