foxipaw sent: Oh, hey, look at the time! I've been scrolling through your blog for the past, hrrm, 45 minutes? If I ever happen across you in game, please don't be alarmed if I start to fan girl xD Your blog/chars/guild seem awesome!!! P.S. Rhosyn is so pretty!

Aww thank you so much!! :D Hehe all righties, lol well if you see me around in game and fan girl I don’t mind at all :3, just remind me who you are ‘cause sometimes I can get confused and be like ???? o.o

elitedementer sent: What dyes did you use for Kieran Nightingale's armor?

I used Midnight Fire, Seafoam, Green Apple, Spring Breeze, and Fresh Green. This is like my cheaper alternative since I originally planned to have Abyss, Cyanide, and Limonite dye on him but nooope haha.

Anonymous sent: Just wonderinng, how do you make your in game gifs of characters and stuff??

Ahh I use a program called LICEcap for my gifs. O: I found out about the program from Jess (gardenofdawn) and it’s pretty easy to work with. However, I noticed that the quality is a bit lower using that program, so let’s say you have a gif of a sky, chances are it’ll probably lower that quality to like 5 colours and look pixelated. Tbh I have no idea how to make higher quality gifs atm lol so I’m pretty sure there are other GW2 tumblrs that can help out with that. XD

I also use Photoshop to help edit the gifs and improve the contrast, brightness, vibrance, etc. on different layers. And I have to use animation/timeline mode to cut some frames out and compress the image size so that it’ll upload properly on Tumblr. I hope this information helps out a bit hehe, it’s a lot to explain but there are also more in-depth tutorials around for how to make gifs on Photoshop. O:

Oh man.

Okay so I just got back from an amusement park, and I swear I’ll answer these questions ASAP lol. Also thank you guys for the comments and what not >w<

Kieran Nightingale, level 20 sylvari engineer. No one knows what his true intentions are, and he does not have much to say. It is rumoured that he has been involved with asuran experiments in the past, which may have altered his current behaviour. His glasses also never come off.

Technically I did this a few days ago, but I purchased *another* makeover kit. This time it was for my second engineer, Kieran Nightingale, and I also transmuted those skins onto his level 20 armor to see how it’ll look like with the new makeover. He’ll be like the last toon I’ll level to 80 because of those reasons + leveling up lowbies of different classes. 

I don’t even know anymore

bottledfaerie sent: Honey, your layout is ON POINT.

Ahhh why thank you! :D

More pics of Rhosyn :)

New hair, new-ish look… (?) Well I’m back to this skirt once again. Don’t know how long I’m gonna keep this look/outfit for, but I’m digging the simplicity of it compared to the last one.

Photoshoot session with sheepinthegame's  Aryara, pt. 2.


Saelix and Rhosyn explore the Oasis.

So uhh……….. yeah. Rhosyn got a bit of a makeover haha……….. ha.

Photoshoot session with sheepinthegame's  Aryara, pt. 1.

Swimming with no aqua breather haaaaa.

Incoming screenshot/gif spam.

Ya’ll have been warned.