Garden of Dusk
"Some scholars theorize that magic flows through all things, that we swim in magic as fish swim in water, or as we ourselves live in air. This magic is said to ebb and flow via currents called ley lines.

Magic infuses everything in the world. The building blocks of reality are held together by magic. With the right connectors, manipulating magical elements with the mind becomes possible.

My research has found a thread between magic and the mind. The two are linked. Where there is one, there must also be the other. The igniter is belief."


I was running around Caudecus’ Manor taking screenshots for the photo challenge … when I noticed the mirror above the bed for the very first time.

My brain is broken. o_O

Random thought of the day: I think a person’s main character is like a reflection of themselves. Or maybe that’s just me.

Guild Wars 2 Photo Challenge: #4 - Favourite Class.

Whoops, I’m supposed to be on like day 12 LOL. Anyways, uhh I guess my favourite classes at the moment are thief, guardian, and mesmer.

Thief, because playing it on a cute, pink haired asura w/ a twin makes it x10 more enjoyable. Also, I get to use the Dreamer every time I level Bella up and I enjoy stealthing and using my #5 shortbow skill to teleport. xD

Guardian, because I’ve always enjoyed healing and supporting classes and I think guardian is as close as it gets to that. I enjoy giving people swiftness, stability, and boons… especially boons LOL. I find it hilarious when I see a guardian running around with like 2,000 buffs like damn son I think you need more lol.

Mesmer, because of illusions, teleports, purple butterflies every time you shatter… like what more could you ask for lol. Also, the mesmer was the very first class I’ve ever played with and still do to this day. But for real though, I think in real life I’d be a mesmer so that when I send out my clones, people can see parts of my personality while I keep my true self hidden from the world.


I’m not really fond of crafting. My mesmer only reached level 400 in cooking because I thought the food icons were cute. Aidan is 200 something huntsman for nearly a year now after I figured the precursor price increase too fast for me to be able to afford it.
Because of this, I don’t see the crafting window often. But yesterday I was in Fields of Ruin, and I wanted an item from the bank, so I quickly ran to the nearest crafting station to get it. It was the artificer station. I hadn’t seen the image before but I thought it looked very beautiful, so I decided to check out the others as well.
Even though I’ve spent time on some of the crafts, I never paid a lot of attention to the artwork. When you click on a recipe, most of it is obscured.
It’s a shame, isn’t it? It’s very beautiful and it must have taken a lot of time to make these.


People trying to auto-attack the wall in WvW



It’s been a good run, NeX.

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As much as I’m sad about you leaving the guild, you’re right it isn’t goodbye, of course. I mean, even knowing you in real life, I know that we’ll still hang out together in game, whether if it’s just whispering to each other, or leveling together, or even erping 2,000 hours in an instance. Whatever path you choose, I support it and wish you for the best. :)


This was hilarious. Also yummy. 


Pretty guildies!

With a bonus pic of a weird visual glitch.

Asjlifjelifs didn’t even know you were taking screenies lol. But thank you, Richard. <3

Thank you so much for the response!! I noticed you said you use a base shape for each race. Would you mind sharing what the other shapes are for other races? Just curious~ :3


You’re welcome! And I totally do not mind. I have a lot of feelings about body shapes so HERE I GO





So I’m not really good at step-by-step tutorials because I always change shit halfway through (like here, where I decide my generic asura is now going to be Odd and oops his face and ears and body are all different

BUT I do have a lot of feelings about asura, so here are some of my personal opinions regarding drawing them:

  • Disregard what you know about human proportions because they’re not human. 
  • These little fuckers are like 1/3 big fat head and long skinny neck so there’s that
  • Their torsos are long, shoulders narrow, and hands and feet large
  • "Teardrop" shape repeats in asuran anatomy

Thanks, and hope that helps!

Do you ever ponder what kind of system of prostitution is prevalent in Tyria. And how said Tyrian prostitutes feel/deal with customers of other races. (Something to think about seeing as your bored)


I never have but it actually is really interesting to think about??

Gonna put all my disjointed musings under a readmore thought just to play it safe.

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As far as dealing with clients from other races, that would probably really depend on the individual! Some prostitutes might be strictly interested in their “own kind,” while others would be more flexible and some might be genuinely into more “exotic” clients.

As an aside I imagine sylvari prostitutes would be very popular among humans because they’re pretty and exotic but they’re also safe because they don’t have claws and sharp teeth. A salad down on their luck could probably make good money in DR.

Lol, this is literally my main character’s backstory. xD

One more screenshot of Jupiter for tonight. :3

Remember this post where I was asking you guys what race I should make my warrior? Turns out I made an asuran male warrior and I absolutely adore him to death lol.

His name is Jupiter Sky, which is an unusual name for an asura (but in-game his name has an accent/symbol on the i). He enjoys jumping headfirst into battle and uses onomatopoeia mainly while fighting or explaining something. Jupiter has an admiration for those taller, bigger, and stronger than him such as the norn and charr, and one day hopes to fight side by side with them.

In Roman mythology, Jupiter is the god of sky and thunder, as well as the biggest planet in the solar system. I pretty much named him “Jupiter Sky” to represent becoming something big and powerful, where the sky has no limit.


Two Years of GW2: 4/? (Look at all the Shiny Things we made!)

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I still think he’s a useless piece of shit………………..for not ressing me that time.

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