mesmers against portalling.
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Currently I play Guild Wars 2 whenever I find the spare time. I don't do much except suck at jumping and portalling, afk in random places, and look at armour + weapon skins. You can also find me representing [NeX] and mainly playing on Rhosyn Skydusk.

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Siel server, on both races.

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Salad boyfriend booty.


My god his booty is killing me. His hipster glasses are killing me. His tight ass skinny jeans are killing me. Everything in this photoset is killing me.



Upcoming Llama Finisher


OH MY GOD. I don’t PVP a lot, but if this actually comes out I will be so tempted to buy one because it’s not every day where you smother your enemies with llamas running around a dead body aljslfjeojf

Since I gotta be more conservative with how many charges I use + have the Wintersday outfit that Jess gave me, I have decided that I’m gonna give all my non-80s this outfit until they get to 80. At least I can see this all the time and fight without worrying about transmuting stuff and can change my stats whenever.

The Last Nornbender’s colours will probably change frequently though.

I was bored one day and just out of curiosity, I was playing around with character creation because I wondered what Frapps would look like as a human… This is mainly for Jess and her thief, Cereal Silvermachonachofajita haha.

The couple who gets wardrobe skins together, stays together.


Me last night.

So I found this person while they were doing a skill challenge with me at Wayfarer Foothills.

virtue-of-justice reblogged this fromgardenofdusk and added:

Woah it looks really nice! You should try the Beaded staff/other beaded weapons I think they could fit nicely!

Thank you for the suggestions! I ended up previewing the beaded weapons, but I ended up getting a focus called Courage and using the Toy Sword skin from Wintersday for now. O: I was about to get Bramblethorne too but I think I’ll just stick to working on Bifrost when I can for now….. xD


Guild War 2 The Norn. / Model: SarahCainCosplay / Photographers: WeNeals Photography and Retouching & Michael Clancey 

Obligatory salad post. Thanks to Kiri for showing me this place yesterday. :D

All righties, I (only) had like 31 transmutation charges on me including the free ones from the gem store, and finally after 2000 years, I decided to get some TA skins and transmute that + the cultural armor stuff onto my berserker gear, so I’m left with like 25 atm. I wish I had more so that I can upgrade and skin my alts’ armor every 10 levels when leveling lol, but now…. I guess I have to save them all when 4-5 of my alts get to level 80?

But anyways, here it is, Rhosyn’s new armor look that’s most likely going to stay with her for a very, very long time because I was tired of seeing that pink/red armor on her for so long lol. I was about to get the TA top for her, but then I was like naaaahh I actually like this on her I need to change her nao. 

Now, all I have to do is finish the Dreamer for my ranger, then eventually get the Bifrost for Rhosyn and yeah………………… ‘cause I kind of also need a new staff haha.

Oh, and then, dat Fashion Collector title.

With the patch coming up, my body’s gonna be ready like


[10:55:13 AM] Ashley: what race?

[10:55:13 AM] Ashley: kitty, plant, yoda, human, or big human

my friend ashley giving me a list of races for guild wars 2 to pick from




We try.

I love this guild.

Best guild.

How many guilds has Adam advertised in the past month????


The character I create whenever I’m about go and farm myself a Black Lion key:


No regrets whatsoever